999: The Novel App yorumlar

Its great!!!!

Hello! The game is wonderful but it hasn’t been updated in about 4 years. Could you please update it for IOS 11? Or could you provide me with an so I could talk to someone through there?

Update for iOS 11

This game is great, but it no longer works. If it could be updated that would be amazing!

Beware: not compatible with ios11

Currently unplayable, so I regrettably have to leave a 1 star review. Please update!!!!

Great conversion to mobile format!

This was my first experience with 999, and I loved it. The redone format fit the game well and made it an interesting novel to read.


Great game, worth the buy. That being said, it's about to expire. No updates in years, about to no longer be supported. Save your money.

Waste of Money

Has the potential to be interesting and reading the reviews I thought it would be some spectacular game. But it's literally just a novel (I know, that's what it says) but why is it listed under games if it's just a lot of reading? I would read a book if I wanted to only read.


This story is a masterpiece. I'm very glad to be able to read it. It's kept me occupied for many hours now and kept me thinking and running numbers. I can't wait to see what else this series has!

Bad story

I wasn't emotionally invested in any way.

One Word - Masterpiece

If you want to have a game that keeps you at the edge of your seat until the very end...this is the game for you. Start with this game before you play Virtue's Last Reward or Zero Time Dilemma!! 10/10 would play over and over again

Game without the GAME

This is like buying a cheeseburger and getting two buns and a slice of lettuce. They took all of the actual game out of this game and left you with amazing moments like "and the we solved the puzzle and unlocked the room." The story is great but this is an awful port.

No puzzles

This is just an app where you click through and read meh dialogue. Nothing interactive happens besides like 3 decisions in several hours. Horrible ripoff.

Great story

This is a great way to experience the story if you're like me and don't like puzzles very much. The DS version did have parts of the story in the puzzles, but this version explains the puzzle rooms enough that these moments can still happen without requiring you to go through solving the puzzle.

Pretty great no sound though

I love this game and decided to grab the novel. But no sound. Not even restarting my phone and redownloading the novel gave me sound.


This is perfect if you want to play the game and don't want the hassle of getting a DS and the game.

Worth it

This might seem like a lot of money to you, but this game deserves it. It consists of pretty good graphics and a heck of an amazing plot. Not to mention that the concept is totally cool and not that cliché at all. The sequel is on Nintendo and PSVita, and the third game should be coming out in 2016 during the summer. If you like (slight) mystery and amazing plot twists, try this game out!

Want sequels

Please bring virtues last reward. I personally liked the removal of puzzles since I could get through the story faster since I'm a busy guy and games take up a lot of time! Please keep up the good work!

Please Bring The Sequels!!

The novel is phenomenal with an intriguing story I couldn't stop thinking about long after I finished it. I decided to pace myself and only played at night to give me something to ponder about before I slept. Some of the choices really kept me up at night! I noticed some dodgy spelling mistakes but I overlooked them to the story's benefit. Overall, the replay value is there in the choices and will keep you coming back just to peer into the "what could've been." I recommend this to anyone willing to be enraptured by a tale of mystery and panic you have yet to witness. I hope we can play the sequels on iOS someday.

Not a port

I thought this was a port of the DS game. It is not. Instead they keep the story and rip out the "game" aspect. Oddly this is not clearly mentioned in the app's description. The story is good but for the price, I expected an interactive game not a graphic novel.

Okay port for an amazing game.

For new eyes to the series, 999 was originally a Nintendo DS game. In every room immediately after a numbered door, there are puzzles - in this version, they are effectively skipped over. This mobile port works through this fine and still tells the story beautifully - it'd be hard to mess it up, considering how flat out wonderful it is - but I can't give it a perfect 5/5 knowing that people playing this version are, unfortunately, missing one of my favorite parts of the original game. Still, please play 999 in any of it's incarnations. It's story is straight up perfection. 👌

If You Don't Own A DS...

...then this is as good as it gets if you want to experience the 1st part of the Zero Escape trilogy. The puzzles are non-existent, but it still stands on it's own as a visual novel (since the story is so well-made). I highly recommend this to anyone who is even 'alittle' interested in Zero Escape. You won't regret reading this story.

Does not download to iphone6

Hope there are updates that will allow me to carry this masterpiece along with my phone. I already know this game is good so im still giving this five stars. Updates tho. Really would appreciate some.

Surreal and full of psychological provocation.

My curiosity about this game was piqued for a while now because of friends. When the story alone was released for 99 cents, I saw no reason to stay away. No regrets about experiencing this complex story; it invoked an emotion I never thought I could have. Sidenote to do research on the stories involved. Some things like McDougall's rats are completely true, but I haven't seen anything backing up the Santa story or the EDT crystallization.


I'm a huge fan of the Zero Escape games and it's wonderful to be able to support Aksys in any way possible!! (If you don't own the 999 DS game it's totally worth it). Still waiting on ZE3 though.....cmon guys!!!


Keep the visual novels coming!

This game made me start reading books

I am 21 and never spent time to read books, I ended up buying the game on the ds when it first came out and it is literally one of the best story games I have ever played, to the point where I bought the novel version years later for iOS. I didn't run into any technical issues and the the game is still entertaining even without the puzzles, which I sadly admit I cheated with by looking at guides just to continue the story. The only cons of this port is not all of the music is remastered, in particular the suduko song (morphogenetic sorrow) and recollection which I believe are the two best audio tracks in the game, weren't even touched. The music also does not loop as smoothly as it does in the DS, it will cut off and start over. Please give this novel a try, even if you're not the type to read books it truly is a masterpiece

Wow. What a ride.

This is a great introduction to the game. It actually inspired me to go find the Nintendo DS version so I could solve the puzzles that weren’t present in this version. The main focus is on choosing the “right doors” which was still pretty fun. It was just a nice breeze through the story, but I’m sure it’s presented exactly like it is in the game, minus the searching puzzle mechanic, like what you’d see in Pheonix Wright or Super Dangan Ronpa 2. This was a really fun visual novel, and if you’re ever curious about the series at all, definitely download this. Good story, fun characters, and nice mystery.


This is amazing to have on the iOS. For those complaining about the lack of puzzles, it is clearly noted in the title that this is the novel. The story is simply brilliant, especially with Virtues Last Reward as the follow up. If only more people would try this and realize how great of a series this is. Viva Zero's Escape 3!

Cannot miss

An incredible story, one that i sorely regret waiting until it had gone on sale to buy. It was an amazing experience

No puzzles

I know this is under books section, but it would justify the purchase if they added the actual puzzles that made the original game.

No puzzles

Ridiculous. They gutted the game and then called it a full product? Absolutely ridiculous. Save your money and just read a synopsis. The game comes without the puzzles. You know, one of the things that actually makes this a game as opposed to just a boring "interactive" novel (you really only get to make three decisions throughout the "game"). I cannot recommend this.

Beautiful, compelling storyline !

More than game, it's an interactive novel. Just like some have said, the puzzles from the DS version were taken out, but that doesn't deter the game from having a compelling storyline. Players do need to "replay" the game close to the beginning a few times, but they can skip/fast-foward in parts already seen. replaying the game has an explanation within the storyline: it's not just to waste time. It is worth the price, and depending on how much one reads dialogues versus using the skip option every now and then, the game can last more than 20 hours. It is indeed a great game.


Really interesting story and a fun way to spend a few minutes here or there. Recommended.

No Problems At All

Great story of course, but i'm sure you've already heard that. While there are no puzzles, the iOS version adds a flowchart to navigate endings and points in the story, allowing fast travel to any point you've been at before. Another good addition is the skip feature, allowing you to rush through text that you've seen to get to a choice, which is handy towards the end. Also, there's an exclusive iOS ending. WIN WIN! 5/5

No support from Aksys, incompatible with certain devices

Only restriction listed is the minimum iOS version; can be purchased on iPod Touch 3rd Gen (and presumably iPhone 3GS), but can't be played due to a lack of non-Retina display mode. Most of the game is cut off the screen despite apparently running fine otherwise. Contacted Aksys support nearly two months ago with no response; the patch neither acknowledges or fixes the issue, and the game can still be purchased and downloaded on these incompatible devices. Personally I loved the original 999, but I can't approve of an apparent cash-grab with no support behind it.

Worthy if its asking price

999 the novel was amazing with its heart pounding, breath taking, adrenalin pumping story as great as the actual game itself. Yeah it doesn't have the puzzles or in game speech options as the actual game gives, it still delivers the story of the game and I can't wait for the next installment of this franchise.

Amazing Story

One of the best stories ever told. So many twists that felt so believable, my favorite story of all time.

Can't play.

I can't get into the actual game. It keeps crashing after the beginning cinematic.

Good port

Kinda miss the puzzles, but one thing I felt playing the original was that I wish I could get back to the story. Also the VLR type flow chart skipping was a nice feature.

Critical Bug for iPod Touch 3rd Generation

I literally cannot start the game because the UI is oversized. After selecting New Game, the introductory page is obscured to the point that there is no "continue" button. I am stuck on that page and cannot progress. I admire the positive support fans are giving this port for the sake of the trilogy, but it's objectively broken for me at the moment.

Operation bluebird for life

Support operation bluebird on Facebook buy 999 on ds for full experience and buy the sequel virtues last reward on 3ds or vita for fuller experience zero escape 3 needs to happen for fullest experience support the series and aksys

Simply a Must-Play

I just had to write a review. I played about half of 999 on DS, and loved it, but found starting from the beginning after each ending a bit too tedious since I had just come from the sequel, Virtue's Last Reward, which features a convenient flow chart. Luckily, such a thing has been added to 999 on iOS! This is a truly remarkable visual story with the plot development, music, and art of something far more expensive to make (read: feature films). 999 will grip you and never let go until its final ending. The character,s and scenario design in this are brilliantly conceived. I can't recommend 999 enough, and there's even more praise to be found in other reviews here on the app store. For something truly enthralling that you can carry in your pocket, look no further than this near-genius game.

Must buy

One of the best stories, and it's told in an extremely creative way

Absolute Honest Review

I have just finished replaying the game, originally on Ds and now here. If you want a fantastic read, you've come to the right app. This app is brimming with some of the best themes, twists, characters and stories you will ever find. It is a port of the DS original 999: 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors and if you ever get a chance, I recommend you play it, as it is far superior in all ways but 1. That one improvement here is the flow chart. It lets you easily skip to the choices you need to make without going through the whole game. Downside, is that it still takes a while for the game to reach the actual choice moment. This is hampered by the (originally optional) extraneous conversations. As much as I love the elevator scene, I've gone through it 3 times today and am tired of it. Another interesting but (in my opinion) controversial addition is the help system. After a play through, the game will tell you the doors you should take next. If you didn't get the Coffin ending, you have to deal with going back through several segments and wait for the slightly to slow auto text feature to work its magic. For the impatient who just want the core of the experience, it is awesome, moreso that it only tells you after your first ending so you can at least get one of your own design. Finally, the biggest change: the lack of puzzles. All the major dialogue is there from the puzzles and even a bit of side dialogue, but in reality this isn't what those who have played 999 DS wanna know, they want to know about the final puzzle. Without spoiling anything, the game skips the final puzzle, not allowing you the chance to solve it and kill the tremendously built up tension and emotion. Literally, if it weren't for having played it before, it would feel like a bad copout. This all said, best 5$ spent on iPhone, well worth playing through and enjoy having your mind blown. Definitely recommended regardless of shortcomings. ☺☺☺

Flawless Story, Decent Port

In 2010, the 999 came out for DS. I consider myself to be a fairly experienced gamer, so you can trust me when I say that when I first played that game, I was utterly and completely blown away. 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors combined masterful puzzles and fantastically inventive storytelling to produce what is, my opinion, the best video game narrative of all time. -STORY- The plot at first seems like what would've resulted had Michael Crichten written Saw, but starts to become one of the most complex and intriguing stories I have ever seen, heard, or read in any medium. The story is written in such a way that draws you in and never lets you out. You will quickly become attatched to the characters and you will want to know their motivations. Who is Zero? Why are you trapped on this ship? Why is Lotus wearing so little clothing, and why don't I mind? The mystery is so compelling that you will keep telling yourself that you will stop after after a few more minutes, only to realize that it is suddenly 2 A.M. and you should really finish that important research essay. -GAMEPLAY- Similar to most visual novels, the gamelpay of 999 consists mainly of making decisions. Nearly every decision you make (whether it is choosing which door to go through, what to say to a specific character, etc.) will impact the ending of your current playthrough. However, just because it is called an "ending," it does not by any means give you an excuse to stop playing. In fact, this game's story revolves around the fact that you must learn from your mistakes to choose the right path. Only when you have learned exactly what is required of you (which includes playing through at least once), you can finally get the "true" ending, in which you will be bombarded with constant mindf*ckery, but in a good way. Once you do get to that final revelation, trust me - your jaw will hit the floor. And it will be worth the multiple playthroughs. -VISUALS- As this is a visual novel, there are quite a lot of them. Visuals, I mean. Every character has a set of pictures dedicated to them, and whenever they speak, a speech bubble will show next to their face. Each character looks great, and the fact that this is now in HD is really appreciated, as someone who played the somewhat pixelated DS version. There are also backgrounds and visual and audio cues for the lines of text you read, which really add to the immersion. It should also be mentioned that the game's soundtrack is quite decent. Each track adds something to the overall experience. Some are quite good, too. I listen to a couple of tracks quite frequently on my iPod. Good homework music. -PORT- This is an iOS port of the original DS game. Some things have been improved, such as the aforementioned HD textures, while some things have been taken away completely. I will now address the elephant in the room; yes, the puzzles are compeltely missing. However, this game is only $5, and the DS game is around $20. So, anyone complaining about the lack of puzzles really shouldn't be, though I can see where they are coming from. Also, every important bit of dialogue that takes place during the puzzles in the DS version are still present in this port. However, some less important but character-building moments are missing. This is a shame, but once again, acceptable, as this port is very cheap and still retains pretty much the entire story. Oddly enough, this version of the game has quite a few typos. Upon starting the game, you are greeted with "crusie ship" and "LolInside," as well as some missing puncuation. They are distracting, but occur rarely and don't hinder the story in any way. On the bright side, there is an added flowchart system. This allows players to easily hop back to important decisions and moments in the game. This is a very welcome addition, as the DS version had players starting the story from the beginning every single time they wanted to get a different ending. If you are a fan of science-fiction, horror, or good storytelling in general, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. The story is fantastic, the gameplay works great (thanks to the added flowchart), and while the puzzles are missing from this port, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I have given this game five stars, because I have faith that Aksys will update the game and fix the typos. Thanks for reading my really long review and I hope I have helped you to make your decision. Also, I you should know that there is a sequel to 999 called Virtue's Last Reward. It is available for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita systems, and is equally mind blowing and compelling. I highly recommend it. Also, you should like Operation Bluebird on Facebook so that Zero Escape 3 can be made!


Best $5 I have ever spent in the apps store. Amazing story, characters, music, and atmosphere!! Get this visual novel now!! Spent two days completely engrossed in the story. Now I'm telling all my friends about this visual novel and planning to get the sequel, Virtue's Last Reward on the Vita.

Great adaptation, need more

Love this story and its sequel, hopefully they adapt VLR as well. Definitely needs more attention so the third part of the story can be told.


Simply astounding. Rarely do I rate apps or games; this was such an exception. Albeit the lack of puzzles, just as good as the DS version.

Amazing story!

You really can't go wrong here with the plot, great characters, and great narrative. This should be a featured app for sure.

Great Visual Novel

Great visual novel with the great storyline of the original DS version. No puzzles but great enjoyment from the story. Thank you to Aksys for porting these niche games over here! And thanks for Spike Chunsoft for making this great game.

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