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999: The Novel app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2336 ratings )
Games Book
Developer: Aksys Games Localization, Inc.
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.01, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Mar 2014
App size: 987.07 Mb

Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Novel (999) is a thrilling adventure story from acclaimed writer Kotaro Uchikoshi that takes readers on a suspense-filled journey full of danger, terrifying choices, and unexpected twists toward a variety of endings that may or may not see them coming out alive on the other side.

Nine individuals, seemingly strangers, find themselves awakening to a rude truth – they’re trapped on a ship that will sink in nine hours, and must play a deadly game in order to escape. Kidnapped by the mysterious Zero, these nine must solve puzzles and uncover the location of the elusive ninth door before time runs out. Each player is tied to a bracelet that controls a bomb within their bodies. One wrong move and they explode. However, beyond this life-or-death game lies questions that they must answer: Why have they been brought here and, more importantly, who is Zero?

Pros and cons of 999: The Novel app for iPhone and iPad

999: The Novel app good for

This is a great way to experience the story if youre like me and dont like puzzles very much. The DS version did have parts of the story in the puzzles, but this version explains the puzzle rooms enough that these moments can still happen without requiring you to go through solving the puzzle.
999 and its sequel, Virtue’s Last Reward, are definitely the most amazing and memorable experience I had with video games. The story of this visual novel will blow your mind. It is perfectly written and incredibly well thought. Even though the puzzles are removed from this version, the perfect scenario is kept intact and there is absolutely no reason for you not to play it. Thank you to Aksys, Spike Chunsoft and Uchikoshi-san for these gems.
Probably one of the best story in a videogame, this multiple ending game will hook you till you know the final truth. If you want to see the final chapter of the zero escape series, you must support this game! Only thing I would ask is the possibility to hide the text so we can take screenshots of the artworks. Still, a great port, lets hope Virtues Last Reward will follow.
Let me make this clear, the writer of 999 knows something you do not. Originally a insanely highly acclaimed cult classic on the DS, 999 takes seemingly unrelated real life experiments, theories, and philosophies then combines them into a complete comprehensible picture. There are no black and white characters, every single one is the kindest person you ever met and the sickest, cruelest person you will ever meet. With a true ending so mind blowing, a final revelation so absolutely shocking it will be a part of you for the rest of your life and forever on your mind for weeks. When all said and done you will swear you know something about the world and the humanity that populates it not a single person around you could even comprehend. Go every route and feast on every detail and when all said and done keep 999 close to your heart. It is a part of you now.
One major issue. Lack of puzzles. They do a good job of breaking up the story and its weird to play without them. The story is awesome though, and is definitely worth a re-visit. But without the puzzles, I just dont see it attracting the new fans that the Zero Escape series needs to get another sequel.
The remake of the DS version was made to fit an audience that wasnt gamers and this app does a good job of that. It includes everything in the DS game minus puzzle scenes. Instead of the puzzles were given short, important dialogue from the puzzle sequences. The game does add the new flowchart which is great and makes the game less annoying. Plus, HD images of everyone. And lets be real, Id spend $5 any day to see an HD image of Junpei smiling. If new to the series please give this visual novel a read! It has horror, gore, suspense, multiple science theory references and also a colourful cast of (mostly) loveable characters!! If you are a gamer then I do have to say the DS versions puzzle sequences add a lot more to the game. I mean, the app lacks the funyarinpa, science boy, "your chunk of meat is rock solid", reproducing crates and many more fun dialogue bits!! Such a shame

Some bad moments

Go get the DS version, which is far MORE superior to... This.
I’ve been playing visual novels for nearly a decade and 999 is one of my favorites. I was skeptical when I heard the puzzles would be gone, but they handled it nicely. Important dialog during puzzle sequences in the original are kept and so nothing is truly lost if one wants to see a great story. There have been no crashes thus far and I’ve played through three endings. The app is well made.
I was worried it would lose some gravity on IOS, but what it lacks in puzzles now it makes up for in nicer visuals and a handy flow chart.
999: The Novel (and the Zero Escape series in general) stand out by using interactive elements in order to create a unique and entertaining story that can’t be told quite as well through any other medium. Fans of sic-fi and horror will take particular interest in the plot, but I highly recommend this to anyone who is curious to see the potential in video games to extend the boundaries of storytelling beyond what we have discovered from books and film.
I disagree about supporting this developer. The only reason to make an app that isnt cross compatible with other devices is greed. I was recommended this app from a blog and without knowing better bought the iPhone only version. This is ridicules. So many other graphic novels and comics are cross platform titles. This is a port, so they have already made their money. Now they are out to make it thrice over. Last time they get my money.
Wonderful. I do miss the puzzles, but it never claims to have them, so I cant really knock off any stars, as the story and characters are still completely amazing.